Zuora wants to improve paywalls with subscriber-centric approach

Zuora argues that the problem with paywalls is that the focus is on the advertisers -- not the consumers.

Zuora, a cloud-based subscription management and billing company, is attempting to revamp the idea of the online paywall with the introduction of Z-Business for Media.

Self-touted as one of the "pioneers of the 'Subscription Economy,'" Zuora boasted that this new platform will enable media outlets to meet changing demands from consumers amid mobile and social media influences.

The Redwood City, Calif.-based business argued that those changes require more flexible paywalls, higher-free paid conversion rates, cross-content bundling and support for multi-device experiences.

Furthermore, Zuora suggested that the biggest change that needs to come about is where the focus is when building a paywall, hinting that the current driver is the advertiser. Instead, Zuora said it should be about the subscriber.

Framing this shift as the movement towards "Paywall 2.0," Zuora outlined some of the features to Z-Business for Media intended to help online media publishers meet these demands.

Some of those functions include more flexible product catalogs for creative content monetization, at least three kinds of pay models (one-time, recurring, pay-per-read, along with multiple freemium schemes), and sample code libraries to enable faster time-to-market on multiple platforms.