Zyme expands partnership with Qlik for better channel data visualization

With customers interested in getting more out of their data, the channel data management firm is offering more visualization tools.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

With customers interested in getting more out of their data, the channel data management (CDM) company Zyme is bolstering its partnership with data visualization company Qlik.

Zyme has worked with Qlik for more than seven years to provide dashboards for Zyme customers, which include major firms like Amazon, GoPro, and Honeywell. Now, after watching the growing sophistication within the data visualization market and evaluating Qlik's strategic plans, "We've doubled down on the relationship," Mukund Ramaratnam, Zyme's vice president of strategic sales, told ZDNet.

The CDM company is integrating Qlik's latest tools, such as Qlik Sense, into its platform to enable customers to get a more granular, customizable view of their data. Zym also leveraged Qlik to build a new mobile dashboard for customers. With a range of visualization tools, enterprise customers can gather huge quantities of data and let different departments and employees drill down to the specific information they can use. For instance, a regional sales manager for a consumer electronics maker could use the mobile app to assess how many units of an item were sold just at Best Buy stores within a certain zip code in the past week.

"The interesting part is how do you get an organization, in this increasingly analytically-aware world, how do you give them access to what they want quickly," Ramaratnam said. "Just because you have hundreds of thousands of transactions, does that mean you can use that information well?"

Zyme has chosen to work with Qlik for a few key reasons, including the high responsiveness offered by its in-memory technology and its security policies, which is critical when handling sales information from public companies.

Based on its own research, Zyme contends that the tech and industrial sectors are losing about $50 billion annually because a lack of channel visibility leads to inventory mismanagement and the misallocation of channel partner incentives.

Zyme aims to help its clients reduce those losses by ensuring the data they collect from channel partners is high quality and uniform. For instance, the company gives customers "ACT" scores for channel partners, measuring the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the data. A business can then offer channel partners better incentives for a better score.

"It's not just about the product flow through the channel to the end customers," Ramaratnam explained. "You have to have a data driven view of who's buying what, who they bought it from, what else did they buy, etc... Zyme was founded to address this problem of channel visibility with a high fidelity, fine-grained view."

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