Munir Kotadia

<p>Munir first became involved with online publishing in 1998 when he joined ZDNet UK and later moved into print publishing as Chief Reporter for IT Week, part of ZDNet UK, a weekly trade newspaper targeted at Enterprise IT managers. He later moved back into online publishing as Senior News Reporter for ZDNet UK.</p><p>Munir was recognised as Australia's Best Technology Columnist at the 5th Annual Sun Microsystems IT Journalism Awards 2007. In the previous year he was named Best News Journalist at the Consensus IT Writers Awards.</p><p>He no longer uses his Commodore 64.</p>

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The best IT strategy is no IT strategy

The best IT strategy is no IT strategy

How many times have we read about IT projects that under-perform and are well over budget? It's a common story so it was no surprise this issue went under the microscope during ZDNet's Melbourne IT Priorities Roundtable in July.

August 22, 2010 by in CXO