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Rupert has worked at ZDNet UK, IT Week, PC Magazine, Computer Life, Mac User, Alfa Systems, Amstrad, Sinclair, Micronet 800, Marconi Space and Defence Systems, and a dodgy TV repair shop in the back streets of Plymouth. He can still swap out a gassy PL509 with the best of 'em. If you want to promote your company or product, fine -- but please tell me what it is and why it's interesting right up front in the message. PRs: the probability of a successful pitch can be calculated by the following handy formula applied to the details of your client's latest wheeze. 3NT x 4UP x 2BI x 5EAI = P(copy)3M^3 x 2ACE x 10L, where NT = New Technology, UP = Unique Product, BI = Beer Involved, EAI = Engineers Available for Interview, M = Marketing Managers, EMEA or Mornings, ACE = Already Covered Elsewhere (i.e. your American brethren have already spilled the beans) and L = the word Leading or Leader in the first para of the press release. Dear Engineer, Researcher or Inventor: Talk to me -- it's the new stuff that makes this game worthwhile.

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iPad Mini: The Apple falls to Earth

iPad Mini: The Apple falls to Earth

Two years ago, Steve Jobs broke his then-silence to slam the idea of a seven-inch tablet, predicting nothing but pain for their makers. Now Apple looks set to launch one of its own. So how will it explain the change of heart?

October 16, 2012 by in Apple