Culture change hampers Big Data adoption in Brazil

Despite an overwhelming recognition of the benefits, Brazilian organizations are finding it hard to adopt advanced analytics tools
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer on

Even though Brazilian organizations understand the benefits Big Data tools can bring, resistance to culture change is hampering the adoption of these technologies, according to research.

The EMC global survey suggests that in Brazil, about 93 percent of decision makers recognize the value of Big Data to the business - more than the global average of 79 percent - but only 46 percent are planning to roll these technologies out in their organizations.

Budget is the main reason for this and was cited by 45 percent of those polled, but a string of culture-related factors were also highlighted. The lack of a clear study of the market opportunity or a proven return on Big Data investment was mentioned by 35 percent of the respondents, as well as relevance to the business (23 percent) and unpreparedness of corporate culture for Big Data (22 percent).

Senior vice president of worldwide field and partner marketing at EMC Corporation Helene Barnekow said it was "surprising" to note that so many organizations still do not not consider investing in Big Data.

"We expect this to change in the near-term as individuals and companies hear more about the transformative benefits that are achievable with Big Data analytics technology," she says.

The EMC study polled 10,700 business line and IT managers of various sectors globally. 

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