Maxthon releases version 6 beta of its Bitcoin SV-based browser

The Maxthon 6 browser provides blockchain-based tools to change the way you use the internet.
Written by Eileen Brown on

The way we use the internet is evolving – and there are new and easier ways to be able to take advantage of this 'new' internet

San Francisco-based software firm Maxthon has released the beta version 6 of its browser, moving toward new internet features that are available using the Bitcoin SV digital currency. Its browsers are installed across platforms for over 670 million users.

Maxthon beta version 6 promises to be a full-featured browser combining features from Maxthon 5 and adding features from Google's open-source Chromium project. It is downloadable now -- however, it is not yet available for the Windows platform from this link (well, not my version of Windows 10 on my PC).

Maxthon releases version 6 beta of its Bitcoin SV-based browser zdnet

Maxthon intends this browser to be the first step for users to access the Metanet -- the 'new internet.' The Metanet promises to give users ownership of their data and content instead of it going to online service providers.

Users will be able to monetize their data, content, online activity, and identity, and eliminate intrusive advertising, currently pervasive across the internet.

It also promises to inhibit bots and trolling and encourage higher quality content, enabling users to create a global identity for themselves that can be used across websites and applications.

This seems like a big ask. But since the Genesis upgrade enabled transactions to be stored in blocks up to 2GB in size, higher scalability will ensure that higher volumes of data can be processed, including micropayments to power internet activities.

Maxthon releases version 6 beta of its Bitcoin SV-based browser zdnet

The Maxthon 6 beta includes a blockchain identity manager called VBox. This will enable users to create their own singular identity on the blockchain, which can be used to log into all of their applications, make payments, and save their data and content onto the blockchain. 

You will not need to create a new identity for each online application or use your Google or Facebook login to access other sites.

The new Metanet will enable users to be paid for the online interactions and data they previously provided for free to social platforms.

The browser will include two new protocols: TX (used to view data associated with blockchain transaction) and NB (to visit websites that have been built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain).

Jeff Chen, CEO of Maxthon, commented: 

"I believe the future requires re-inventing the Internet in a manner that lets user keep ownership and control of -- and actually monetize -- their own data, content, online activity and identity. The Maxthon 6 browser delivers the first steps towards this powerful new future, which is only possible on the Bitcoin SV blockchain."

Using blockchain services is not free. Users will pay a tiny amount -- a micropayment -- to use the Metanet. These BSV micropayments are usually a fraction of a cent per post, like, comment across items on the blockchain.

In this way, you can pay to reward good content, receive payment for your content, and force trolls to pay for spamming you. You can also use a variety of apps to store your content or spend your digital currency in physical stores.

Previously the realm of hard-core developers and serious investors, these new Metanet applications are making it easier for ordinary users to use blockchain and bitcoin for their daily internet activities.

The ability to minimize intrusive ads, restrict trolls and spammers, and get paid for your own content, what's not to like? In 10 yeas, you will wonder why you waited so long.

Disclaimer: I have never bought or sold any types of Bitcoin, nor processed any blockchain transactions.

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