More HR Tech - Sonar 6

One of my favorite HR firms to check in with - Sonar 6.
Written by Brian Sommer, Contributor

Sonar 6 - It just wouldn't be an HR Technology show without an appearance from these lads from New Zealand. It's worth going to the show to find out what irreverent booth they've erected or what kind of message is on the t-shirts they're giving away that year. My all-time favorite t-shirt of theirs was one that said something to the effect of "Maybe I shouldn't have friend-ed my boss".

The company is continuing, by their accounts, to grow very strongly. Customer retention rates for this SaaS solution provider remain high, as well.

Sonar 6 is building a performance analytics module. The solution is mining data that is continuously captured by employees, managers, etc. An indirect consequence of the analytics solution is that it actually causes users to want to use Sonar 6 more (and this drives customer retention rates up for Sonar 6). While I can't discuss much of the Analytics product publicly, it did look very cool.

I'll have to get a more detailed review out later.

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