This time it's Sega: 1.3 million customer records hacked

There's no denying it. Cyberattacks are accelerating.
Written by David Gewirtz, Senior Contributing Editor on

There's no denying it. Cyberattacks are accelerating. This time, it's Sega that's been attacked, losing 1.3 million customer records, including logins and passwords.

So far (and it's Sunday, so information is notoriously hard to come by), we have no information that credit card information has been stolen. Even so, 1.3 million customer ids and passwords (and password reset questions, presumably) means that it's time to change all your passwords (again!) and be sure to check your bank and credit card information on a daily basis.

I'm of mixed feelings about these attacks. They're illegal, of course. And they cost companies millions, if not billions. But I know personally how often senior executives have ignored warnings about these sorts of possibilities, and so, while no company, person, or government should ever be attacked, it's important to take these ongoing attacks as an even stronger warning.

Beef up your security, folks! If you haven't been listening in class so far, this is yet another wake-up call.

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