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Jawbone update for Big Jambox adds two hours of battery life and more

A new free software update for the Big Jambox is coming today that will provide increased battery life and improved performance.
By Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on
Image: Jawbone

The Big Jambox is one of the best portable speakers I have ever tested, and today it announced that it is making it even better with a software update. The Big Jambox dropped down $50 to $249.99 until April 6, and with this update you will get more battery life, improved audio performance, and more control.

To update your Big Jambox, visit the mytalk.jawbone.com site and follow the directions to connect your Big Jambox to your computer and perform the update. According to Jawbone, this 2.0 software update is free and includes the following:

  • Better audio experience: New AAC support for iOS 6.1 delivers improved audio streaming with fewer dropouts and interruptions at greater distances.

  • Longer battery life: Gain two additional hours of battery life (that’s 17 total hours of playback) when streaming from your iOS 6.1 device. It's also less taxing on your connected device, meaning you’ll have more battery life on your paired iOS device too.

  • Synced volume control: Now you can control the volume from your Big Jambox or from your mobile device without having to adjust the volume on both (requires AVRCP 1.4).

  • New Silent Mode: Stream music on Big Jambox without the interruption of voice prompts and tones. Just hold down the "Talk" & "Minus" buttons while powering Big Jambox on to disable all sounds aside from your tunes and calls; Big Jambox will stay in Silent Mode until disabled by holding down the "Talk" & "Plus" buttons while powering on.

  • Performance improvements: This update also improves the LED response on Big Jambox and brings connectivity for PS Vita for killer mobile gaming audio.

The Big Jambox is a great audio product, and I love it when free software updates bring major features, like two additional hours of battery life.

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