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Real-time Ubuntu is available in AWS Marketplace now, and it's ideal for rapid prototyping

Ubuntu Pro 22.04 LTS with a real-time kernel is now available to use in the AWS Marketplace.
By Jack Wallen, Contributing Writer

Canonical launched Real-time Ubuntu back in February of 2023. Since then, customers have been clamoring for a cloud-based version of the OS and the company has finally delivered.

Real-time Ubuntu is an ideal operating system for rapid prototyping and the AWS Marketplace is the only cloud-based procurement option for users.

According to Edoardo Barbieri, Product Manager at Canonical, "Canonical's Real-time Ubuntu marks a significant advancement in the domain of software-defined vehicles, facilitating rapid development and seamless deployment." He continues, "With the listing in AWS Marketplace, OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers can now structure their software-defined vehicle strategies based on reliable and secure open-source solutions on the clouds."

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Real-time Ubuntu 22.04 LTS uses the PREEMPT_RT patches from the upstream project that is maintained by the Linux Foundation. This patch reduces latencies to make it possible to run time-predicable task execution by using a priority scheduler and other real-time mechanisms to achieve Preemption.

Real-time Ubuntu in the AWS Marketplace offers:

  • Ultra-low latency
  • 10-year maintenance from release date.
  • Critical and high-security kernel CVE patches are automatically applied at run-time without the need for immediate reboot.
  • Optimized kernel boot speed and outstanding runtime performance.
  • Images are updated daily to ensure the most recent security patches are applied.

Anthony Wong, Co-Founder and CTO at MooVita, said of Real-time Ubuntu, "We have been using Real-time Ubuntu since the beta was released. With everything working as expected while meeting our stringent latency requirements from day one, we are excited about the Real-time Ubuntu listing in AWS Marketplace." 

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He continues, "As a smart mobility solution company, we experience the challenge of consistent software maintenance via upgrades and security vulnerability patching. Leveraging Real-time Ubuntu and Canonical's proven open-source expertise allows us to focus on next-generation application development and meeting consumer needs while keeping costs within boundaries."

Given how dependent businesses around the globe have come to depend on data, real-time processing is quickly becoming a necessity for remaining competitive. And the more data a company has, the more real-time processing will be required.

The same thing holds true for industrial computers that drive control systems, edge servers, robots, and even drones. These systems require real-time kernel capabilities to be able to process data as quickly as possible. With Real-time Ubuntu, this is not only possible but reliable and cost-effective.

On the AWS Marketplace, the typical price of Real-time Ubuntu should run about $0.072/hour. You can, however, make use of the cost estimator found on the official Real-time Ubuntu listing in the AWS Marketplace

If you're company needs the processing power of a real-time kernel, Real-time Ubuntu might well be the ideal option.

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