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HyperX's new line of 3D-printed gaming accessories starts with a Cozy Cat

The HX3D line debuting at CES 2023 will let you customize and re-style HyperX gaming accessories (and compatible keyboards) thanks to parent company HP's color 3D-printing tech.
Written by Michael Gariffo, Staff Writer
Reviewed by Kelsey Adams
HyperX's sampling of 3D-printed keycaps on a HyperX keyboard and around it

It looks like you'll be able to give your rubber ducky keycaps a variety of occupations, or at least hats.


Alongside the slate of mice, controllers, and keyboards debuting among the gaming peripherals at this year's CES, HyperX showed off something a little different: a new line of 3D-printed accessories for its accessories.

Dubbed HX3D, the series will make use of "HP's best-in-class 3D printing technology" to create keycaps, headset backplates and headband attachments, mouse add-ons, and other gaming products. HyperX plans limited-edition runs and collaborations.

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HyperX's Cozy Cat keycap

The design was apparently chosen via voting from HyperX's community. 


While HyperX showed off nearly all of these categories of 3D-printed accessories in its demo video for the launch, only the custom-designed keycaps will be available initially. The first of these will be HyperX's Cozy Cat mascot, seen above. Aside from the winter-ready feline, early offerings appear to include ducks, cake, and other vaguely key-shaped creations. 

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HyperX notes the products are 3D-printed using an "environmentally friendly" process involving powdered nylon. 

The company's future plans for the new HX3D line include plans to collaborate with "game developers, esports teams, content creators, influencers, and internal creative teams" in an effort to design "fan-friendly products that can be used while gaming or collected as keepsakes or cherished collectibles."

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Customizable add-ons for gaming peripherals, especially keycaps, are nothing new. However, if HyperX can successfully draw on 3D printing's ability to create on-demand, small-batch runs of products, the company could offer designs and themes that would not be financially viable in a traditionally manufactured equivalent.

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The HyperX Cozy Cat Keycap is expected to be available later this month for $19.99, a fairly low price compared with many individual artisan keycaps on the market. It will fit all of HyperX's keyboards with swappable caps, as well as any board using the standard +-shaped Cherry MX-style stem. 

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