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A Year Ago: Internet TV arrives with promise of revolution

First published: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 12:28:12 GMT
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor on

Get free drag and drop programmes via Media Player or RealPlayer

UK startup ichooseTV, launched on Monday what it claims is the world's first personalised Internet television service. The service will deliver on-demand original content broadcasting.

The company will provide an interactive online viewing guide to a range of content from independent producers and broadcasters. Users can drag and drop programmes into a personalised television schedule.

The company claims that one of its unique selling points is it enables advertisers to target precisely defined user groups. It also aims to be the first company to offer streaming advertising slots over the Internet.

"This is the start of the revolution in TV programming. The Internet allows us to offer free original content and capture a precisely profiled audience for advertisers," explains ichooseTV COO Richard Kilgarriff. "New technologies will allow us to put it on their PC, mobile and television."

The company also believes its service will offer a valuable outlet for independent producers and content providers. It is currently inviting proposals for programming.

The service is available via Microsoft Media Player or RealPlayer from Real Networks.

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