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BBC explores its new media options

Auntie is talking to Google, among others
Written by Tim Ferguson, Contributor

Auntie is talking to Google, among others

The BBC is talking to Google and other major names in new media as the corporation looks into possibilities for the future.

Press reports suggest this could lead to BBC content becoming available on Google's content sharing websites, including the recently acquired YouTube.

A BBC spokeswoman told silicon.com: "Of course the BBC is talking to Google and other companies in the new media sphere, as are all other broadcasters."

However, she added no deal had yet been done and declined to comment on "market speculation".

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The BBC could use such a deal to generate revenue through ads appearing next to content or via a pay-per-view service.

Advertising appearing on BBC websites is still a contentious issue.

The Telegraph speculates that a deal with Google would be particularly useful for the BBC to promote its programmes in the US.

A Google spokesman also declined to comment.

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