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Black pulls plug on Hollinger site

Just what was on it?
Written by Ron Coates, Contributor

Just what was on it?

Daily Telegraph owner Lord Black has pulled the plug on his own company as the two prepare to go back to court next week.

Ravelston, the closely-held company that Hollinger paid for Black's management services, provides the company's corporate web site. As it has not been paid since Black stepped aside from the board, it shut the site.

Minority shareholders in Hollinger have long complained about the size of the fees paid to Ravelston. A company inquiry found that Black and his associates had played an improper role in setting their fees.

Hollinger is suing Black for fees that it says were paid to him improperly before he was sacked as chairman. It is also trying to prevent him selling his shares and effective control of the group. Black is counter-suing.

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