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BTopenworld resets the 'meter': Your verdict

"Five hours a day for less than 60 pence? Sounds like a good deal to me..." (and other views)
Written by silicon.com staff, Contributor

"Five hours a day for less than 60 pence? Sounds like a good deal to me..." (and other views)

From 1 November, BT Anytime users will be restricted to a quota of 150 hours online per month for their £15.99 flat fee. If they exceed that limit, they will be charged on a per minute basis. They are currently restricted to 12 hours online in any 24 hour period. BT's Duncan Ingram declared: "We've talked to our customers who've said 100 hours is more than enough. We're being open, honest and fair with our customers." silicon.com broke the news on Monday (http://www.silicon.com/a55753) and this is what you've had to say since: Not above board
Folks cooking up these schemes need a check up from the neck up! They offer a service to attract customers, then take it away! ...and this is acceptable because we all signed an agreement to accept that BT reserve the right to change the service whenever they want to.
Dean Mitchener The impact on business
The new limit of 150 hours unmetered on BT's Anytime package will impact businesses who rely on the internet and cannot be broadband. Say they work through a normal modem 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. The excess per annum over the 150 hour limit is therefore 696 hours per year which will increase the cost of their package from around £345 per year to a whopping £1748 per year. An increase of just over 400 per cent.
M Sharp What's the problem?
Five hours a day for less than 60 pence? Sounds like a good deal to me. Why shouldn`t people who want more pay for their bandwidth like the rest of us?
Graham Simon It's good to talk... to me!
I`d like to know who they spoke to? Not Me!
William McGillivray Still a good deal
At £17.00 per month. At the cheapest rate (less than 1p per minute for local calls weekends) it would still cost you £81.00 a month if you stayed online 150 hours. And at peak time you would pay £319. As a private user, I don`t even stay online long enough to make £17 a month a cost effective alternative. And for those who under use the service...
I think that BT Openworld's new guidelines are fine, BUT I also think that it is fair for rebates to be applied to those customers who do not reach a certain threshold eg those of us that are not online for more than 40 hours a month.
Wayne Lawson
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