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Bulldog does super high-speed broadband

Commercial launch on the cards this year
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Commercial launch on the cards this year

Bulldog has thrown its hat into the ring regarding next-generation broadband, claiming a super fast service could be live very shortly.

Like Easynet before it, Bulldog is opting for ADSL2+, which boasts speeds of 20Mbps.

The trial, which Bulldog has been running since September, will suss out how the connection fares at higher speeds and how customers make use of the new connectivity, the ISP said. If all goes well, Bulldog intends to roll out an ADSL2+ service within the first quarter of this year.

ADSL2+ is one of a number of next-generation broadband technologies being tested by the UK's ISPs. BT recently told silicon.com that it was more likely to turn to VDSL, as ADSL+ often becomes less efficient the further away a user is from an exchange.

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