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Chelsea website leaving rivals in wake

Surely it's over as a contest, barring serious, serious problems in April and May...
Written by Will Sturgeon, Contributor

Surely it's over as a contest, barring serious, serious problems in April and May...

While the struggle for the Premiership crown appears to have become a three horse race, which may yet go to the wire, Chelsea Football Club has surely sealed its victory in the online world, with a fifth consecutive month at the top of silicon.com's performance league table. Web monitoring firm Keynote has revealed that Chelsea's site continues to push ahead of its rivals in terms of response, downloading in an average time of 0.32 seconds during March. In second place is the Leeds United website with an impressive 0.51 seconds. Although Leeds have maintained a respectable second spot for much of the season, behind Chelsea, any hopes of improving upon this seem to be fading as we enter the final months of the season and the Chelsea site shows no signs of slowing. Down the opposite end of the table, the results make less cheery reading for two of Europe's biggest clubs. In fact, Arsenal and Manchester United's struggle for supremacy in the actual Premiership has been inverted completely, with both battling it out to avoid last place. United's site, which has struggled all season, posted a pedestrian average time of 5.5 seconds but their blushes were spared in part by a dismal showing from their North London rivals, with 6.35 seconds. The full table looks like this: 1. Chelsea 0.32 2. Leeds 0.51 3. Sunderland 1.78 4. Blackburn 1.82 5. Everton 2.01 6. Bolton 2.54 7. Tottenham 2.59 8. West Brom 2.73 9. Middlesbrough 2.89 10. Liverpool 2.91 11. West Ham 3.49 12. Fulham 3.62 13. Southampton 4.09 14. Manchester City 4.02 15. Charlton 4.3 16. Newcastle 4.36 17. Manchester Utd 5.5 18. Arsenal 6.35
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