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dotMobi ramps up mobile content drive

Developer tool-kit on offer...
Written by Tim Ferguson, Contributor

Developer tool-kit on offer...

Free software tools are being offered to dot-mobi website developers to improve the quality of content behind the mobile top-level domain name.

dotMobi, the industry group behind the domain name, is launching its 'Go Mobile!' initiative, which includes a range of tools for companies to build, test and develop their mobile-optimised sites.

Neil Edwards, dotMobi CEO, explained the reasoning behind the new initiative.

He told silicon.com: "We brought in 'Go Mobile!' very simply because we're not about selling lots of names, we're about getting content behind names.

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"Operators, who are investors, want traffic on their network - they don't get traffic without content."

Edwards added the tools are aimed at serving the natural development of the domain names, as companies work out exactly how they want to use them.

The dot-mobi domain name was launched last year. Around 372,000 domain names have been sold to date.

Edwards said: "It's more [take-up] than we expected - we thought we'd actually be at about half these numbers. We're very please with our take-up."

Big names that have signed up to dot-mobi include BMW, Rolls-Royce and French train operator, Thalys.

The tools will be available for domain name resellers on Monday.

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