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Eurotunnel apologises for web-busting offer problems

Demand was so great it broke the internet...
Written by Will Sturgeon, Contributor on

Demand was so great it broke the internet...

Cross-channel train company Eurotunnel has apologised for problems on its website yesterday which was toppled by massive demand for a special offer selling £1 day trip tickets to France. Angry web users, hoping for a cut-price 'booze-cruise' were left staring at a holding page on the Eurotunnel website which stopped working shortly after the offer, run in association with the Telegraph newspaper, went live (see http://www.silicon.com/a55361 for more). A spokesman for Eurotunnel said: "We apologise to all the people who didn't get through. The offer generated a huge response and we did experience some problems with the site, but we were still able to sell all 5,000 tickets." Acknowledging the problems with the site, the spokesman said as a good will gesture to customers an extra 2,500 tickets had been made available for £1. However, he added that these too have now sold out.
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