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Freeserve unmetered package arrives

Freeserve announces two plans to take on unmetered players
Written by Richard Barry, Contributor

The UK's largest ISP, Freeserve (quote: FRE), announces a two pronged unmetered package Tuesday. Starting May, customers will have unmetered access to the Internet through BT at off-peak times for £6.99 per month.

In a statement, the company says the new offer is applicable to the 85 percent of Freeserve users who use BT phone lines. The offer was first reported by ZDNet UK News earlier Tuesday.

Alternatively Freeserve and its partner Energis will extend the existing 'Freeserve Time' to include full unmetered access in exchange for a minimum of £10 per month spent on voice calls with Energis. Energis can be accessed by either dialling a code before making a call or by purchasing a 'router' box.

Free and unmetered internet access has been on the agenda for some time -- right now the battle is on. Go to AnchorDesk UK to get the news comment from Tony Westbrook.

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