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Green Touch puts out call for new members

Alcatel-Lucent's consortium, which aims to develop a very energy-efficient new network architecture, has opened up to general membership
Written by David Meyer, Contributor on

The Green Touch Consortium, set up by Alcatel-Lucent and others to find a way of making communications networks more energy efficient, has opened up to general membership.

The consortium was established in January, with the five-year goal of producing a new network architecture that is a thousand times more energy efficient than that being used today. Founding members included operators such as AT&T and Telefonica, as well as academic research labs, equipment vendors, government and not-for-profit research institutions and industrial labs.

On Wednesday, Green Touch said in a statement that it was "opening its doors to individuals and organisations across the industry", in a bid to find more members to help make the new architecture a reality.

Since January, the group has defined an organisational structure with an executive board, determined intellectual property rights, set out operating principles and established technical objectives, it said.

Green Touch has also established a technical committee to define the architecture, set targets and coordinate workgroups focusing on wireless and fixed access, core transmission and switching and routing technologies.

The group will have a general consortium meeting in London on 15-17 June, in which members can discuss emerging technologies and review new proposals.

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