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Kodak does right by lucky web error customers

PR nightmare put to rest as Kodak honours accidental bargains...
Written by Sonya Rabbitte, Contributor

PR nightmare put to rest as Kodak honours accidental bargains...

Kodak customers who benefited from a website error advertising digital cameras at £100, are to have their orders honoured at the discounted price, after the company today reversed an original decision to charge full whack. Kodak admitted earlier this month that human error led to the DX3700 digital camera being advertised at £100 on the company website. The camera usually retails at £320. But in a statement released at the time, Kodak said customers affected by the pricing error would have to cough up the full amount, although it did promise customers an unspecified discount on their next online Kodak purchase - provided it was made by the end of January. In a U-turn today, Kodak released a further statement, saying customers who ordered the camera at £100 would have their orders honoured. A spokeswoman for the company explained the new decision: "Kodak has been looking into the full implications of this. It has been working day and night to do the right thing by the customers, that's the thinking behind this." Kodak did not say how many customers had been affected by the pricing error.
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