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Lastminute.com offers jobs channel

Book a holiday, then find a new job to pay for it...
Written by Will Sturgeon, Contributor

Book a holiday, then find a new job to pay for it...

Lastminute.com continues to branch out into new areas with the announcement today that it has added a recruitment channel to its popular consumer website.

Since making a name for itself as a retailer of last-gasp trips, holidays and theatre tickets the company added car hire, gift shopping, dating and even gambling to its offering through partnerships and acquisitions.

Using back-end technology from partner jobs site New9to5.com, lastminute.com claims to be able to automatically match CVs to jobs. And by partnering with an existing site lastminute.com is able to launch the service with around 50,000 live jobs, it claims.

Peter Woodfine, commercial partnerships manager at lastminute.com, said the deal is just the latest announcement in a continuing process to add extra offerings to the lastminute.com service.

Lastminute.com currently boasts 3.3 million unique users per month.

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