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Legal net music beating traditional formats' sales

Hard copy take-up slows as downloaders step in
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Hard copy take-up slows as downloaders step in

It seems that legal music downloading is well and truly hitting the mainstream, with figures out on Monday revealing that online tunes are now outselling every music format except CDs.

The total number of downloads sold during January this year came to more than 150,000 - greater than DVDs, vinyl and cassettes. The downloading phenomenon got a major boost with the launch of MyCokeMusic - the fizzy-drink seller's own net music service - with 50,000 downloads sold in the week after the service's introduction.

While the figures themselves show just how much downloading has taken off in recent months, online music is making an additional bid for credibility, with an official singles download chart expected to debut in the near future.

However, while the news is good for downloads, it's not such a rosy picture for single sales in general. Sales of singles in a physical rather than digital format were down 31 per cent last year, compared to 2002.

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