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Online shoppers put delivery ahead of security

'You can take the credit card, just don't hurt the books...'
Written by Sonya Rabbitte, Contributor

'You can take the credit card, just don't hurt the books...'

UK e-tailers are putting their efforts into speeding up delivery this Christmas, as net savvy shoppers put efficient order fulfilment above internet security. As online shopping approaches its third Christmas, 70 per cent of UK clicks and mortar retailers surveyed by Consignia said their customers are now more concerned about punctual delivery dates than online fraud. Forty per cent of retailers believe their customers think using a credit card over the internet is no more dangerous than using it in traditional retail outlets. Fifty seven per cent of retailers surveyed offer a dedicated website page explaining their secure payment systems, and 27 per cent of retailers said their customers are generally becoming more confident about shopping online. While customers may be increasingly net savvy, and less concerned about dishing out credit card details online, e-tailers, it seems, are still treading cautiously with technology. While 86 per cent of retailers surveyed now sell online, 80 per cent did not recognise interactive television as a sales channel, and 60 per cent were certain that digital TV will have little impact on their business when it is introduced in 2008. Retailers claim they're not interested in developing mobile commerce, with just eight per cent planning to sell via SMS and WAP in the next 12 months.
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