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Opera, Blackadder and the surfer

We get a fair amount of marketing bumpf sent to us, but this one is... special.
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

We get a fair amount of marketing bumpf sent to us, but this one is... special. Opera, purveyors of fine browsers for PCs and handsets alike, seem to have decided to create their own version of an inflight magazine for us lucky hacks.

The first sign that this may not have been properly thought out is the price list on the top right-hand corner of the cover, where it tells us that, in Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian and American currency, the price is always 0.00. Fair enough. Let's look at the pictures inside, and let's start with this splendid - and thoroughly unexplained - image of Opera CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner...

Opera CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner

I'd have loved to have juxtaposed that, Private Eye-stylee, with a shot of Rowan Atkinson, but sadly the head is Blackadder II and the body Blackadder III. Historical accuracy is important in such things. But what, you ask, about Opera CTO Hakon Wium Lie? Well, sadly he's dressed in the style of this century, but you have to admire his shape-throwing nonetheless...

Opera CTO Hakon Wium Lie

Much of the magazine is given over to a fashion shoot, which sensibly avoids telling us who made the clothes, but does nonetheless give us a good idea of the various ways in which you can surf the web on your phone while looking both dapper and bored. This one should certainly come with a safety warning...

Model on skateboard

I'll leave you with this gem, which makes you wonder whether it was the props department or the marketing department in general that was having a laugh...

Model with surfboard

Happy surfing!

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