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Singtel unveils new corporate logo, customer service enhancements

Singapore telco's new branding exercise is its first in 16 years and focuses on improving customers' "everyday" experience with Singtel, say senior executives.
Written by Eileen Yu, Senior Contributing Editor

Singtel has unveiled a new corporate logo and enhancements to its customer service, as part of the telco's revamped branding that also will include enterprise service improvements over the coming months.

Its branding exercise is the Singapore carrier's first in 16 years and aims to improve customers' "everyday" experience with Singtel, said CEO Chua Sock Koong, during the launch event Wednesday.

Singtel's new corporate logo
Singtel's previous logo

"This is more than just a logo change," she said, noting that the industry landscape had changed significantly since the telco embarked on its last branding initiative and its business had evolved over the years.

Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO of Singtel's Singapore consumer business, further noted that customers expect telcos to deliver the best technology and innovation, but the simple "day-to-day things" are what affect consumers. It is with this in mind that the carrier introduced enhancements to three customer-facing services, which include an online appointment booking facility and shorter wait intervals for on-site visits.

Chua added that customers now expect more things to be done and at a quicker pace. "When we look at our competition in the market, it's not just about the traditional telcos but also the OTT (over-the-top) players. We think think offering superior customer experience will help us differentiate in the market."

Singtel consumers will now be able to specify preferred appointment times to visit the telco's retail outlets across the island. In addition, from March onward, they can specify preferred times for Singtel hotline center officers to return their calls should they choose not to wait on the line.

Singtel in April will also cut the wait interval for on-site visits to 30 minutes from the typical two-hour window, within which its technicians will arrive at the customer's home.

When asked, Chua declined to reveal details about how much additional cost and manpower had been invested to support the new service enhancements. She also refused to give specifics on what changes were made to the company's backend systems, confirming only that its processes and systems were tweaked to facilitate changes as a result of the branding exercise.

All customer-facing employees also received training to ensure the transition was well supported, she added.

Yuen said further enhancements to its call center capabilities will be announced in coming months. "These may be small changes but they will enhance our customers' experience when they interact with us," he said.

According to Bill Chang, SingTel's CEO of group enterprise and country chief officer for Singapore, service enhancements can also be expected over the next couple of months for the telco's enterprise customers, which will be part of the branding roadmap.

Chang noted that the 30-minute wait interval for on-site visits will also apply to enterprise customers when the service is launched in April.

Singtel worked with its existing advertising agency, Ogilvy, to create its branding exercise and new logo, which features a dotted red arc meant to represent the telco's ongoing transformation, according to the Singapore telco.

Asked if the branding exercise will be implemented for Optus, Chua said the Australian subsidiary had already undergone a brand refresh last year and added that any corporate revamp should resonate with the local market audience.

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