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Sprint and Location Labs create app to prevent distracted driving

For $2 a month, parents can disable phone calls and alerts while their kids are behind the wheel.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor on

In the absence of self-control, sometimes technology has to step in.

That seems to be the idea behind Sprint's Drive First app, which is aimed at reducing cell phone-borne distractions to those behind the wheel. The app automatically locks the interface of a phone travelling more than 10mph. No phone calls, no texts, no audio alerts. Instead, callers are directed instantly to voicemail, and incoming texts get automatic responses.

Fortunately, the app doesn't disable emergency calls, which can be made via a button the home screen.  It also features an override button, which is useful if the user is a passenger -- rather than the operator -- of a moving vehicle. Parents are sent messages when the override button is pressed.

While that safety doesn't come for free, it does come cheap. Sprint Drive First costs $2 a month. Sprint says that all of its Android phones arriving later this year will have the app automatically pre-installed.

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