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The revolution will not be televised - it'll be online though

Cats sleeping with dogs in south London...
Written by silicon.com staff, Contributor

Cats sleeping with dogs in south London...

Bulletin boards are funny places. They attract obsessives who spend far longer on their favourite ones than is considered healthy, usually talking far too much about their favourite topics. urban75 is a website with very active boards. It is run by Mike Slocombe on a non-commercial basis. The site focuses on issues of concern to people around Brixton and tends to attract a left-wing/crusty/activist audience. The boards focus on drugs, football, local issues, music and political protest. On Thursday 24 January, one of the regular posters - Hatboy - wrote an open invitation to the chief of Brixton police, Brian Paddick, to comment on increasing problems with crack use and guns in the London borough Brixton. The story doesn't get strange until Monday 28 January - that was when Paddick replied at length and urban75 readers responded. Paddick wrote in clarifying and expanding his views. The discussion lasted for 21 pages - and it isn't over yet. 'The Commander' - as Paddick calls himself on the boards - even invited people to go and see him at Brixton Police Station, but he stressed that the best place for this debate was online where everyone can be involved. He also asked readers to email him lists of what they would make a priority if they were setting the agenda As one reader put it: "Wow... this level of interaction is the revolution." Bulletin boards attract a varied audience but urban75 tends to be peopled by those usually described as 'no friend of the police'. They talk about drugs and direct action. They don't talk to coppers. But now, it seems, they are.
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