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TSA to set up centralized network for Registered Traveler

Network would aggregare, store, distribute information to government entities.
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor on

TSA - the Transportation Security Administration - will build a centralized information network to "aggregate, store and distribute data to all entities participating in Registered Traveler," reports Washington Technology. Registered Traveler is TSA's program to allow frequent travelers faster processing if they submit to biometrics and advanced screenings.

The Central Information Management System, an entity separate from TSA, would be established to receive, aggregate and format applicant data received from the enrollment providers, according to the business model document. The system will be a “commercially neutral entity meant to support an open market place,” the TSA model stated.

The central system must check for duplication among applications, and transmit applicant data to TSA for carrying out threat assessments. The system also must receive determination of eligibility from TSA and manage a list of revoked credentials.

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