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Vodafone launches map service for lost customers

I can see the pub from here…
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

I can see the pub from here…

Directionally-challenged mobile customers are to be offered made-to-measure mapping service that can locate where they are and send a pedestrian route plan direct to their phone. The newly launched MapWay service is provided by Cambridge-based mobile map specialists, m-spatial, and will be available to Vodafone customers through the travel section of the Vodafone live! information menu. By requesting a street name, postcode or a particular building – a shop or pub, for example – via their mobile, users will be sent specially tailored graphical maps to lead them there. To find a route, Vodafone customers will need to enter their destination, and where they are starting from. But if users are lost to start with MapWay's 'FindMe' feature can give a helping hand using the phone network's automatic positional feed. The maps are tailored to the user's route and the make of their mobile and, with a database of 20 million buildings, will even highlight any recognisable landmarks on the way to keep travellers on track. An earlier survey commissioned by m-spatial showed that around 75 per cent of users would be happy to ditch their A-Zs in favour of a mobile alternative. Andy Walker, m-spatial's CEO, said in a statement he now hoped MapWay would "be increasingly used by customers as their preferred means of navigation on foot, leading to significant usage and revenues".
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