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WiBro experiment opens its doors to the public

'Pick me, KT'
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

'Pick me, KT'

WiBro, South Korea's homegrown equivalent of mobile WiMax, is ready to go public.

A WiBro pilot is scheduled to run in South Korea during April and May using 3,000 triallists in and around Seoul. Around 12,000 Koreans have already applied to take part in the test, Samsung said.

Korea Telecom will act as network provider, using kit from Samsung including clamshell handsets and laptop cards.

According to Samsung, WiBro users can expect connectivity of up to 3Mbps, even when travelling at speeds of up to 120kph.

CEO of Korea Telecom, Ken Lee, recently said the telco will use WiBro to provide location-based, IP and converged services.

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