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WiMax WISP hits Warwick

Heading for the sticks next?
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Heading for the sticks next?

Pipex Wireless, the joint venture between Intel and ISP Pipex, is to set up its second deployment of WiMax in the UK.

The number two rollout will take place in the city of Warwick, with the WISP (wireless ISP) working with National Grid Wireless, Warwick District Council and Intel to set up WiMax connectivity over three sites.

It's expected the trial will go live towards May or June of this year. Warwick council will be the first customer, using the long-range wireless broadband for leased line services, VoIP and homeworking.

The company is also looking to eventually sell connectivity to home users.

Pipex Wireless' first run out of the technology was in Milton Keynes last year. Results from early trial showed the wireless tech reaching speeds of 10Mbps.

Graham Currier, business development manager at Pipex Wireless, told silicon.com the company is working on deployments in other cities, including Manchester. "Once we're happy Milton Keynes and Warwick work, the plans can be accelerated," he said.

Currier added the WISP is also looking at a rollout of the technology in a rural area.

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