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Grammarly adds 5 new security and control features for enterprise users

If security and privacy concerns held you back from using Grammarly, you'll love these updates.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
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Working professionals compose a lot of text every day, such as messages, reports, emails, and more. While many could benefit from an AI writing assistant, like Grammarly, privacy remains a concern for some managers. Grammarly today released a slew of updates seeking to allay some of these concerns. 

Grammarly's new security and control features allow Enterprise users to leverage the AI writing assistant at work and personalize their experience according to their organization's needs and preferences.

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Grammarly's Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) is a new feature that gives enterprises full access to, and control over, data encryption. The startup has also introduced session timeouts, which are meant to help protect companies against unauthorized access. 

Business leaders can now manage employee access more effectively in Grammarly, with new custom roles, group-level security controls, and enterprise cost-center visibility, according to Grammarly. 

The startup has also unveiled a Figma plugin that teams can use to access Grammarly's communication assistance in the design tool. This feature could be handy for design projects, as Grammarly lets organizations upload their style guide and brand tone profile.

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Grammarly Enterprise users can access most of these new features today, including the session timeouts, custom roles, and group-level security controls. The Figma plugin is also available, but you'll have to download it from the Figma Community website. Grammarly plans to roll out the BYOK and enterprise cost-center visibility features in the coming weeks. 

If your organization is interested in Grammarly for Enterprise, start a free trial. You can also contact the Sales Team for additional information, including pricing and logistics.

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