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Jamie Yap covers the compelling and sometimes convoluted cross-section of IT and homo sapiens, which really refers to technology careers, startups, Internet, social media, mobile tech, and privacy stickles. She has interviewed suit-wearing C-level executives from major corporations as well as jeans-wearing entrepreneurs of startups. Prior to tech reporting, she spent three years after graduating from university as a print and online writer chronicling the feats and foibles of another species known as celebrities in TV, movies and music lands. Jamie is also an inner fangirl of sci-fi, comics, Comic-Con and special featurettes on DVDs.

Jamie Yap has nothing to disclose. She doesn't hold investments in the organizations she covers.

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Indian telcos to face tough times in 2013

Indian telcos to face tough times in 2013

Telcos will struggle to remain profitable while fulfilling regulatory payments to get back their cancelled licenses, says credit ratings agency Fitch, giving negative 2013 outlook for India's telecom sector.

December 5, 2012 by in Telcos