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Adam Oxford is the editor-in-chief of Hypertext Media, a South Africa publishing house that specialises in technology issues from across the continent and produces daily news at daily. Based in Johannesburg but originally from the UK, he's written for most of the major technology publishers over the last 17 years, covering everything from PC gaming to photography to Linux to open data and emerging tech markets. He anyone who can wield a soldering iron without burning themselves and thinks the reinvention of dangerous downtown Joburg as an up-and-coming tech cluster is the coolest thing ever.

I currently work in a full time capacity as Editor in Chief at Hypertext Media, an independent publisher based in Johannesburg. Hypertext does undertake regular contract work for Tarsus Technologies and Mustek - two large distributors within the South African market - and Incredible Connection, a large IT retailer. Personally, however, I only work on independent editorial for Hypertext, and my employer's commercial relationships don't bias my views. I have no investments in any firms other than a very small shareholding in Future Publishing which was a result of a employees' sharesave scheme active during the time I worked there.

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