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Liam Tung is an Australian business technology journalist living a few too many Swedish miles north of Stockholm for his liking. He gained a bachelors degree in economics and arts (cultural studies) at Sydney's Macquarie University, but hacked (without Norse or malicious code for that matter) his way into a career as an enterprise tech, security and telecommunications journalist with ZDNet Australia. These days Liam is a full time freelance technology journalist who writes for several Australian publications, including the Sydney Morning Herald online. He's interested primarily in how information technology impacts the way business and people communicate, trade, and consume.

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Conroy denies McKinsey NBN conspiracy

Conroy denies McKinsey NBN conspiracy

Minister for Communications Stephen Conroy today denied that McKinsey & Co's role in the National Broadband Network (NBN) implementation study, as well as three former partners on the NBN Co board, amounted to a conspiracy.

March 1, 2010 by