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Agnes Sheehan is currently responsible for the Mobile Solutions & Services business supporting Enterprise & Government customers. Her career in the telecommunications industry spans over 18 years', with the last 14 years, working in a couple of director positions at Telstra. Prior to joining the telco sector Agnes spent a number of years in the Aerospace industry in Europe. Agnes sees more value in a customer's experience and using technology to solve their problems, than the actual "bits and bobs" of hardware.

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Digital Limbs

Digital Limbs

I spend so much of my time and effort explaining to friends, colleagues, customers and strangers in the street, that 'mobility' is more than carriage and devices.

February 3, 2016 by in Tech Exchange /

Employee Safety in the Mobile Workplace

Employee Safety in the Mobile Workplace

Safety in the workplace is becoming an increasingly 'grey' area as we break down the barriers of the traditional 9-5 office based working model and move into a new way of working. What can you do as an employer to ensure employee safety?

January 18, 2016 by in Tech Exchange /