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Tonya Hall is a pioneer in new media broadcasting. She hosted a daily broadcast radio show on social media, worked as a producer for one of the largest tech podcasting networks, and continues to bring compelling guests and stories to tech fans across the globe.

Tonya Hall has nothing to disclose.

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3D printing on the moon?

Jason Ballard, CEO and co-founder of ICON3D, tells Tonya Hall about what his company is doing to 3D print items for the moon, along with the challenges that come with inventing and testing products on Earth that are being created to use on the moon.

October 27, 2020 by in 3D Printing

Agile manufacturing using 3D printing

Max Friefeld, co-founder and CEO of Voodoo Manufacturing, discusses AI and robotics are at the core of 3D printing; 3D printing can shave thousands of dollars and weeks of time off of product introduction; and Human labor is better suited to maintaining continuous flow production rather than being a component of the production line.

April 25, 2018 by in 3D Printing