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Tom is a technology reporter for, writing about all manner of security and open-source issues.Tom had various jobs after leaving university, including working for a company that hired out computers as props for films and television, and a role turning the entire back catalogue of a publisher into e-books.Tom eventually found that journalism was for him, and after a period of freelancing, landed a job as security reporter for ZDNet UK. He covers the security beat, writing about everything from hacking and cybercrime to threats and mitigation. He also focuses on open source and emerging technologies, all the while trying to cut through greenwash.

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Patch or get PWNED in a flash

Patch or get PWNED in a flash

Recently fixed vulnerabilities in Sun's Java Runtime Environment and Adobe's Flash player mean that unpatched systems are vulnerable and could be infected with spyware or recruited into a botnet by simply visiting a Web page with exploit code -- and Google last month warned that 10 percent of Web sites contain this kind of malicious code.IT professionals have been warned to patch vulnerabilities in the Adobe Flash Player application and Sun Java Runtime Environment as soon as possible.

July 16, 2007 by in Google