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With a psychology degree under his belt, Ben set off on a four-year sojourn as a professional online poker player, but as the draw of the gambling life began to wane his attentions turned to more wholesome employment.With several years' experience covering everything in the world of telecoms and mobility, Ben's your man if it involves a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other piece of tech small enough to carry around with you. He's also keenly interested in broadband issues, and has spent more time than strictly necessary testing out a multitude of software packages.Hot tips (no tittering at the back) can be passed along to me at or you can follow me on Twitter @BenWoodsZD, if you can bear intermittent cake and cat tweets.

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SAP's augmented reality for business: pics

SAP's augmented reality for business: pics

Advances in location and mobile technology are boosting the potential of augmented reality applications, meaning they are no longer the preserve of consumer-focused developers, according to enterprise software specialist SAP.

August 5, 2010 by in SAP