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UK editor-in-chief, TechRepublic and ZDNet

Steve Ranger is the UK editor-in-chief of ZDNet and TechRepublic, and has been writing about technology, business and culture for more than a decade. Previously he was the editor of

Steve Ranger has nothing to disclose. He does not hold investments in the technology companies he covers.

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E-government minister named

E-government minister named

Pat McFadden will take on the e-government brief previously held by Jim Murphy, moved to the Department for Work and Pensions in the latest reshuffle

May 31, 2006 by

Fury over ID card 'cover-up'

Fury over ID card 'cover-up'

The UK government has been accused of hiding details of its plans to bring in ID cards, by opponents who claim the scheme will be a disaster

November 24, 2005 by