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Andrew Nusca is a former writer-editor for ZDNet and contributor to CNET. He is also the former editor of SmartPlanet, ZDNet's sister site about innovation. He writes about business, technology and design now but used to cover finance, fashion and culture. He was an intern at Money, Men's Vogue, Popular Mechanics and the New York Daily News. He is a graduate of New York University and Columbia University. He also happens to be a reformed rock drummer who digs food, cities, words and neckties. He is based in New York.

Andrew Nusca does not hold any investments in the companies he covers.

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Controlling a robotic blimp with Android

Controlling a robotic blimp with Android

As an open-source operating system, Google Android offers more than meets the eye: in one case, wireless robotic control via a T-Mobile G1 smartphone.A clever team of people have turned the G1 into an Android-based console and used it to control the Surveyor YARB robotic blimp.

February 17, 2009 by in Open Source