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Dana Gardner is president and principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions, an enterprise IT analysis, market research, and consulting firm. Gardner, a leading identifier of software and cloud productivity trends and new IT business growth opportunities, honed his skills and refined his insights as an industry analyst, pundit, and news editor covering the emerging software development and enterprise infrastructure arenas for the last 18 years.Gardner tracks and analyzes a critical set of enterprise software technologies and business development issues: Cloud computing, SOA, business process management, business intelligence, next-generation data centers, and application lifecycle optimization. His specific interests include Enterprise 2.0 and social media, cloud standards and security, as well as integrated marketing technologies and techniques.Gardner is a former senior analyst at Yankee Group and Aberdeen Group, and a former editor-at-large and founding online news editor at InfoWorld. He is a former news editor at IDG News Service, Digital News & Review, and Design News.

Dana Gardner is president and principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions, LLC, a New Hampshire-based IT analysis and new media content production and consultancy firm that he founded in 2005. He produces a series of podcast/videocast/transcript/blog content shows, called BriefingsDirect[tm/sm], some of which are sponsored and which he blogs on. Such sponsored shows are declared individually as such and by what organization or company. When Dana blogs on ZDNet on companies that he does have, or has had, consulting and/or sponsorship relationships, he declares that in each blog entry. There is no connection between the negotiation of such sponsorships and the opinions expressed by Dana here on ZDNet. The following organizations/companies are active sponsors, or have consulting relationships with Dana: Ariba/SAP, Akamai Technologies, BMC Software, Dell Software, Embarcadero Technologies, GigaOM Research, Hewlett-Packard, Kapow Software, The Open Group, VMware, and Workday. As a matter of CNET Networks and Interarbor Solutions policies, when Dana covers an organization that is also a sponsor of a BriefingsDirect-produced podcast, videocast or any other content, a disclosure will be included with the coverage. Updated (4/11/2013): Instead of providing a disclosure on just those editorials (blog posts, etc.) that intersect the above listed companies, we have changed the policy to include a link to this full disclosure at the end of every one of Dana's blog posts. In the case of audio or video-based coverage, such disclosures will be provided within the editorial content itself.

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Oracle roils enterprise vendor landscape with its move to acquire BEA

Oracle roils enterprise vendor landscape with its move to acquire BEA

A combined Oracle and BEA offers a strategic bludgeon to all three of Oracle's main competitors -- IBM, SAP and Microsoft. At the same time, the Oracle and BEA mashup gives longtime rumored potential BEA acquirer HP a fascinating new partner for a greater depth of reach of IT solutions. Strategically aligned Oracle and HP helps reach parity with IBM, while besting SAP and Microsoft for strategic accounts penetration and retention.

October 11, 2007 by in SAP

SAP: Opportunities lost?

SAP: Opportunities lost?

If Agassi's duties are now going to be absorbed by a group of other executives, and probably not in the U.S., then this timing to major transition will likely slip into a defensive crouch. SAP will need to demonstrate otherwise swiftly if this is not the case. NetWeaver has not gained sufficient traction, while Oracle Fusion is sprinting out of the blocks. IBM is the mastermind of open source as a strategy and market maker (or breaker). Microsoft has a a real "NetWeaver" in .NET/Windows System through which to deliver the packaged applications (not the other way around, as in SAP's case).

March 28, 2007 by in SAP