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With more than 20 years of published writings about technology, as well as industry stints as everything from a database developer to CTO, David Chernicoff has earned the term "veteran" in the technology world. Currently the principal of an independent consulting business and an active freelance writer, David has most recently been a Senior Contributing Editor for Windows IT Pro magazine, having also been the Lab Director for Windows NT Magazine, Technical Director of PC Week Labs, the author or co-author of a number of books on different versions of Windows, a plethora of eBooks on various technology topics, and of approximately 3000 magazine articles in print and on the web.

David does not invest in the technology he covers. As a freelance author and technologist he has had contract work with many vendors in the industry. Beyond the term of these short-term contracts there is no business or fiduciary arrangement with any technology vendor. David does not enter into contracts that would limit his freedom of expression in any way, nor is he remunerated for discussing any vendor. All comments in his blog writings are solely the opinions of David Chernicoff.

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Special: earlybird preview of NT 5.0 Beta

Special: earlybird preview of NT 5.0 Beta

At this week's Professional Developer's Conference (PDC), when Microsoft releases the long awaited first beta of Windows NT 5.0, attendees will be quick to notice one important thing: Microsoft's desire to deliver a feature-complete beta to developers at this conference hasn't even come close to fruition.

September 24, 1997 by in Tech Industry