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David Grober has worked a variety of editorial roles in the technology media since 1982, when he joined the copy desk at IDG's Computer Business News. He served as managing editor for PC Week (now eWeek) and, later, Digital News. David made the leap from print to online publishing in 1994, when he joined Ziff-Net's Software Library. Since 9/11, David has worked in ZDNet's Business Technology Group, and now serves as ZDNet's managing editor.

David Grober has nothing to disclose and does not hold any investments.

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Video: A wacky year in the IT industry

Video: A wacky year in the IT industry

Some of the more bizarre events in the computer business in recent memory happened this past year. Join Charles Cooper, Jim Kerstetter, Ina Fried and Michael Kanellos as their Reporters' Roundtable reviews the goofiest technology moves of 2006.

December 18, 2006 by in Hardware

Innovators bemoan near-sighted R&D

Innovators bemoan near-sighted R&D

Technology researchers and scientists gathered in New York City last week to honor two colleagues: Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, and Claude Berrou [at right], co-inventor of turbo codes. Berrou and several of the attendees at the Marconi Society-sponsored symposium added their voices to the growing concern that the United States is falling behind the rest of the world in technological innovation because fewer dollars are being allocated to long-term research.

November 8, 2005 by in Hardware