David Grober

Managing Editor

David Grober has worked a variety of editorial roles in the technology media since 1982, when he joined the copy desk at IDG's Computer Business News. He served as managing editor for PC Week (now eWeek) and, later, Digital News. David made the leap from print to online publishing in 1994, when he joined Ziff-Net's Software Library. Since 9/11, David has worked in ZDNet's Business Technology Group, and now serves as ZDNet's managing editor.

David Grober has nothing to disclose and does not hold any investments.

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Local markets of one

Local markets of one

You are a market of one. We all are.Donna Bogatin, in her new ZDNet blog Digital Micro-Markets, explores how the increasingly consumer involved, on-demand digital world promises to transform virtually every market.

May 15, 2006 by in Mobile Carriers