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Rest in Peace, David Morgenstern | David Morgenstern covered the Mac market and other technology segments for 20 years. He founded Ziff-Davis' Storage Supersite, served as news editor for Ziff Davis Internet and held several executive editorial positions at eWEEK. In the 1990s, David was editor of Ziff Davis' award-winning MacWEEK news publication as well as its successor title, eMediaWEEKly, which focused on multiplatform professional content creation. His byline can be found online and in print publications including CreativePro.com, Peachpit Press' Mac Bible and Popular Photography.

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Behind the scenes at Comdex

Behind the scenes at Comdex

Las Vegas - The location of Comdex/Fall '97 here last week proved especially apt: Both the gambling capital and this year's installment of the annual high-tech show seemed to value glitz above substance. Outside the convention centers, show goers faced a city built on bright lights and flashy spectacles.

November 24, 1997 by in PCs