Jason Hiner

Editorial Director, CNET

Jason Hiner is Editorial Director at CNET and former Editor in Chief of TechRepublic. He's co-author of the book, Follow the Geeks.

Jason Hiner has nothing to disclose. He doesn't hold investments in the technology companies he covers.

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Survey: Linux in the data center

Survey: Linux in the data center

A TechRepublic survey asked members about the place Linux holds in their data centers. The results provide a look at how Linux is being used, and the effect that Linux has had on incumbent Unix and Windows servers.

December 12, 2002 by in Data Centers

Video: IT heroes of Hurricane Sandy

Video: IT heroes of Hurricane Sandy

ZDNet interviewed a panel of IT heroes who kept their organizations running During Hurricane Sandy with successful disaster recovery plans. Watch the full 40-minute panel discussion as these IT leaders share the lessons they learned.

October 30, 2013 by in Data Centers