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Jason Perlow, Senior Technology Editor at ZDNet, is a technologist with over two decades of experience integrating large heterogeneous multi-vendor computing environments in Fortune 500 companies. His expressed views do not necessarily represent those of his employer, The Linux Foundation.

My full-time employer is The Linux Foundation, a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. I write as a freelancer for ZDNet. The postings and opinions on this blog are my own and don't necessarily represent the positions, strategies or opinions of the Linux Foundation.

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Of course you realize, this means war.

Of course you realize, this means war.

Fanboys exist for every favored computing platform. When you’ve been writing about computing for any number of years, such as I have, you are eventually going become the target of kooks – people who post completely random stuff on your blogs, send you crazy and inflamed emails, or write stuff on the internet saying how disturbed and wrong you are for subscribing to a particular ideology.

April 23, 2008 by in Enterprise Software

PC Industry Episode II: Attack of the Mac Clones

PC Industry Episode II: Attack of the Mac Clones

As I am sure like many of you, I watched the entire Psystar imbroglio unfold last week, snickering under my breath with unabated amusement while I imagined the collective blood pressures of Apple executives boil to a protective fever, with armies of attorneys ready to stream out in phalanx attack formation from the Infinite Loop, to pounce on and crush this little upstart from Miami. Cue the Imperial March and the ZDNet brass section - dum dum dum duh de dum duh de dum....

April 20, 2008 by in Enterprise Software